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xQc, a notable Canadian decoration, used to be an expert Overwatch player named Félix Lengyel. In 2016, he started his profession in esports prior to changing to regular streaming. Notable on Twitch, xQc was the most-watched decoration on the stage for a considerable length of time (2020-2022).

Prominently, in June 2023, he inked a historic two-year, $100 million non-select streaming agreement with Kick. Through his convincing material and charming disposition, xQc has effectively progressed from serious gaming to a strong power in the streaming business.


November 12, 1995 (age 28)

Laval, Quebec, Canada
Twitch information
  • xQc
Years active2014–present
Followers11.9 million
Kick information
  • xQc
Years active2023–present
Followers565 thousand
YouTube information
  • xQc
Years active2015–present
Subscribers2.32 million
Total views1.6 billion

XQC Turmoil: Is The Twitch Decoration Wiped out?
Felix “xQc” Lengyel uncovered his persistent difficulty falling and staying unconscious on his stream, sharing that he has been managing rest related issues. He uncovered that he had gone to the specialist for assist with his rest issues and was anticipating test results to decide the fundamental causes. xQc discussed his encounters of having a few “surges” during the night when he awakened throughout a Fall Folks gaming meeting.

He recognized that he was uncertain of the specific etiology of these episodes yet that they seemed to have no unmistakable trigger. Customary enlightenments during the night might be an indication of extreme rest issues like a sleeping disorder or rest apnea, for which age and weight are normal gamble factors. Regardless of whether xQc meet the conventional profile for rest apnea, seeing a specialist was a savvy move toward treating his rest issues.

Rest issues can happen for various reasons, including food and rest schedules, despite the fact that they are more uncommon in more youthful individuals. In the occurrence of xQc, his drawn out times of streaming and his admission of pop and cheap food could be contributing elements to his rest troubles. His acknowledgment came toward the finish of a long eighteen-hour video, which underlines how hard his timetable is and what his way of life might have a mean for on the nature of his rest.

It’s basic to perceive that rest unsettling influences can influence individuals of any age and present in various ways. Despite the fact that his side effects could not precisely match perceived risk factors, counseling a specialist is important to recognize and treat the basic purposes behind his rest issues accurately.

XQC Wellbeing Update 2023
xQc is healthy as of August 2023 and has no difficult diseases. The notable Twitch decoration gave a report on his wellbeing back in October 2022 by means of Twitter, sharing subtleties on his post-Coronavirus encounters, including engaging a “twofold ear contamination.”

His face expanded on the two sides because of this condition, making it anxious for him to talk, bite, and even rests. Subsequent to going to TwitchCon 2022 in San Diego, on October 14, xQc unveiled that he had tried positive for Coronavirus in a past episode. His open depiction of his battles, which remembered migraines and throbs for his muscles, was telling.

xQc, who was experiencing difficulty with these side effects, ridiculed his “destroyed” status and focused on the requirement for a third inoculation measurement to reinforce his insusceptibility. Tragically, his medical conditions didn’t stop there. Only eight days subsequent to recuperating from Coronavirus, xQc experienced one more wellbeing misfortune. His ears became contaminated once more, which made his face expand considerably more.

These sequential wellbeing emergencies definitely affected his streaming appearances, which frightened his vigorous fan following. Nonetheless, allies ought to relax because of the way that, as of August 2023, xQc has conquered these clinical impediments and is at present in a steady state. His sincerity in regards to his wellbeing process reveals insight into the troubles people of note experience and underscores the meaning of being wellbeing cognizant and acquiring the right clinical consideration.

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