Who are Ahmad Warmack and Emmett Sigers? Suspects arrested in Covington County shooting killing 19-year-old woman

The Covington District Sheriff’s Office is researching a deadly shooting that occurred throughout the end of the week
It ended the existence of a 19-year-old
Specialists accept the episode began at the Andalusia Wal-Shop with a fight

The Covington District Sheriff’s Office is at present taken part in a test into a disastrous shooting episode that unfurled throughout the end of the week, bringing about the unfavorable demise of a 19-year-old person.

Who are Ahmad Warmack and Emmett Sigers?

As indicated by specialists, the episode seems to have started at the Andalusia Wal-Shop, where a squabble happened. Resulting to this showdown, it is accounted for that two suspects sought after the casualty’s vehicle along district streets. The circumstance raised when the suspects started shooting at the vehicle, with the driver supporting a gunfire twisted to the leg and the traveler unfortunately getting struck in the head.

Lamentably, the traveler capitulated to the wounds supported during the shooting. Two people, Ahmad Warmack and Emmett Sigers, are right now in guardianship and have been accused of homicide in association with this troubling occurrence.

Policing are effectively looking for any extra data connected with this case. Assuming individuals from general society have further subtleties that might help with the examination, they are urged to contact the Covington District Sheriff’s Office at (334) 427-4911.

The conditions encompassing the fight at Wal-Store and the resulting pursuit prompting the deadly shooting bring up issues about the intention and situation that unfolded, adding layers of intricacy to the continuous examination. As the local area wrestles with the terrible loss of a youthful life, the judicial procedures against the two suspects will probably reveal insight into the variables that finished in this sad episode.

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