Where Is Tenoch Huerta Ex Wife Tania Díaz Herrenschmidt | Daughter Atzin

On January 29, 1981, Tenoch Huerta was born in the Mexican territory of Ecatepec. He is a notable entertainer from Mexico who succeeds in playing various jobs in various media. He has exhibited his exceptional acting ability in films like “Sin Nombre” (2009), “Güeros” (2014), “Child of Rulers” (2020), and “The Eternity Cleanse” (2021), as well also realized network shows like “El Encanto del águila” and “Narcos: México.”

Strangely, he made his Wonder Realistic Universe debut as Namor in “Dark Jaguar: Wakanda Always,” making him the organization’s most memorable Mexican superhuman. Tenoch’s overall impact in media outlets is exhibited by his presence in both Spain and the US.


29 January 1981 (age 42)

Ecatepec, State of Mexico, Mexico
Other namesTenoch Huerta Mejía
Years active2006–present
Notable work
  • Days of Grace
  • Güeros
  • Narcos: Mexico
  • The Forever Purge
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Where Is Tenoch Huerta Ex Tania Díaz Herrenschmidt?
Tanya Díaz Herrenschmidt, the ex of Tenoch Huerta, is an effective individual in the diversion business. She is notable for her work as an essayist, chief, and entertainer. Projects like “Elevados” (2017), “Mutantes” (2015), and “Boundlessness” (2017) are a couple of her vital works. Their organization saw a sensational change in elements, which brought about their proper split in 2019.

Remarkably, their actual partition started in 2015, showing a time of steady change before the conclusion of their lawful detachment. Following their division, Tania Díaz Herrenschmidt supposedly recorded a kid support body of evidence against Tenoch Huerta; this case has been forthcoming for roughly eight years. There is a vulnerability around the occasions that prompted their separation. Bits of gossip, nonetheless, show that Tenoch Huerta had an unsanctioned romance with Crystel Martnez.

In any case, there is lacking proof to help these assertions, consequently it is hazy why they were isolated. As of this moment, hardly any individuals know about Tenoch Huerta’s ex Tania Díaz Herrenschmidt’s whereabouts. Since she keeps her online entertainment presence humble, devotees are interested about her ongoing circumstance. Maybe she chose to focus on her expert and self-awareness.

Tenoch Huertas Little girl Atzin
Atzin, Tenoch Huerta’s nine-year-old little girl, is exceptionally dear to the entertainer. Tenoch Huerta’s union with Tania Díaz Herrenschmidt brought forth Atzin, and their association significantly affected both of their lives. Tenoch Huerta has shown public experiences into his relationship with his oldest girl by referencing her with fondness in a few meetings.

Huerta recounted how Atzin didn’t consider him an entertainer from the beginning until she saw a “Namor” toy. Her presence not just stresses his encounters in that frame of mind to Tania Díaz Herrenschmidt, yet it likewise addresses his obligation as a dad. Atzin is a constant sign of their common past and the adoration they recently shared, notwithstanding anything deterrents might have added to their separation. Moreover, Tenoch Huerta’s relational peculiarity developed when his subsequent little girl, Nahui, from his union with Crystel Martínez Torres, was born.

Via web-based entertainment, their relationship — which supposedly started as an undercover sentiment in 2015 — has created consideration and conversations. 2019 saw the introduction of their little girl Nahui because of their experience. This likewise marks the start of another section in Huerta’s nurturing venture.

Tenoch Huerta’s two children, every one of whom addresses an unmistakable part in his life story, are exceptionally dear to him. These associations hit home for watchers and feature the broadness of his encounters beyond his on-screen personas.

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