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Tricia George has been painting expertly for more than 30 years. Her career started in New York where she filled in as a beautiful craftsman in the wake of procuring her certification in Workmanship and Schooling from Dowling School. Tricia drew motivation from wildlife and the normal world.

In 2004, she moved to California to additional her career as a craftsman. Her new climate encompassed her with new motivations and changed her craft, while at the same time setting out new open doors to display her ability.

Tricia kept areas of strength for a to painting wildlife while she kept on fostering her ability and work for other people. This steady making in new and different structures permitted her to consistently foster her style, enveloping her long stretches of involvement into structures that have directed her to the fine art she makes today.

An Image Book About Connections is Tricia’s most memorable book and was enlivened by the painting on the cover. The unique found in The Turtle and The Snail motivated Tricia to make a book about connections; how they go back and forth, as well as how they spring up when you least anticipate them.

Matching unusual works of art with verse, Tricia shows the significance of connections that fill the existences of everybody.

An Image Book About Connections is the principal book Tricia was roused to make utilizing entertaining creatures to show life’s illustrations, and more are in progress.

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