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Nonrev Daquina Biography

Daquina’s confidential life turned into a public interest when he started a sentiment with Angeline Quinto, a noticeable OPM vocalist. Their romantic tale blossomed, finishing in a stunning association on Thursday, April 25th, at Quiapo Church in Manila. The straightforwardness and elegance of their wedding reflected the profundity of their love. Amazingly in a rich off-the-shoulder outfit, Quinto strolled down the walkway with her child Sylvio to join Nonrev, who looked for her in a grayish Barong Tagalog. The service was a sincere festival of their affection and commitment, saw by their friends and family, companions, and remarkable figures from the diversion circle.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Nonrev Daquina’s excursion at the center of attention started when he became related with Angeline Quinto, who rose to distinction subsequent to winning Star Power: Sharon’s Quest For The Following Female Pop Genius in 2011. Quinto’s noticeable quality as an individual from the Birit Sovereigns and the DIVAS bunch additionally increased their public presence.

Nonrev Daquina Age

Born November 26, 1989, Nonrev Daquina is set to commend his 35th birthday celebration in 2024.

Nonrev Daquina Net Worth

Starting around 2024, Nonrev Daquina’s pioneering adventures have pushed his net worth to an expected $48,500.

Who Is Nonrev Daquina Boyfriend? Is He Married?

Angeline Quinto, a prestigious vocalist on the Kapamilya network, is sincerely engaged with Nonrev Daquina, the dad of her child, Sylvio.

In her new video blog, Angeline highlighted her accomplice, Nonrev, to address a portion of the watchers’ requests. During the video, they thought back about the beginning of their romantic tale.

Common companions worked with their presentation, with Nonrev admitting his moment appreciation for Angeline after gathering her face to face. Moreover, they dove into Nonrev’s past connections during the video blog.

Nonrev revealed that he has three little girls from his past two connections, which ultimately finished. In any case, his bond with Angeline marked another part, prompting the introduction of his main child, Sylvio, making him a dad of four.

Nonrev Daquina Wife and Child

Nonrev Daquina is joyfully hitched to the capable Angeline Quinto, and they share a child named Sylvio. Remarkably, Daquina has no ex, featuring the solidness and strength of his relationship with Quinto.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How did Nonrev Daquina and Angeline Quinto first meet?

A: Nonrev and Angeline met through common companions and before long produced a heartfelt association that bloomed into a delightful relationship.

Q: Who were some notable personalities in attendance at Nonrev and Angeline’s wedding?

A: Their wedding was a selective undertaking, graced by their affectionate family, dear companions, and prestigious figures from media outlets, including Bad habit Ganda, Erik Santos, and Sarah Geronimo.

Q: What surprises did Angeline Quinto have for fans during the wedding ceremony?

A: During the wedding service, Angeline charmed her fans by disclosing her new single, “Salamat Ika’y Dumating,” adding an additional layer of euphoria and energy to the festival.

Q: What is Nonrev Daquina’s age?

A: Nonrev Daquina will be 35 years of age on November 26, 2024.

Q: Did Nonrev Daquina have an ex-wife?

A: No, Nonrev Daquina has never been hitched before his association with Angeline Quinto.

Q: What is Nonrev Daquina’s net worth?

A: Starting around 2024, Nonrev Daquina’s assessed net worth is $48,500.

Q: Who is Nonrev Daquina’s wife?

A: Nonrev Daquina is hitched to Filipino vocalist entertainer Angeline Quinto.

Q: Does Nonrev Daquina have any children? 

A: Indeed, Nonrev Daquina and Angeline Quinto have a child named Sylvio.

Q: What are Nonrev Daquina’s professional endeavors?

A: Aside from his relationship with Angeline Quinto, Nonrev Daquina is engaged with different enterprising endeavors and key coordinated efforts.

Q: What is Nonrev Daquina’s nickname?

A: Nonrev Daquina is lovingly known as the “Power Diva of the Philippines.”


All in all, Nonrev Daquina’s process is a demonstration of his versatility, ability, and pioneering soul. From his relationship with Angeline Quinto to his huge commitments to media outlets, Daquina moves quite a large number. As he commends his 35th birthday celebration in 2024, we anticipate seeing his proceeded with progress and effect on the world stage. Instagram account.

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