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Lisa Lopez Galvan, a dearest Kansas City inhabitant and Bosses fan, unfortunately lost her life during a Super Bowl march shooting. Known for her glow and local area contribution, her passing leaves a significant effect.

Who was Lisa Lopez Galvan?

Lisa Lopez Galvan was a lady who lived in Kansas City, Missouri. She loved the Kansas City Bosses football crew. She likewise worked at a radio broadcast where she facilitated a show about Hispanic music. Lisa was known for her warm character and love for her local area.

Upon the arrival of the Kansas City Bosses Super Bowl march, Lisa went to celebrate with her loved ones. Tragically, during the festival, there was a shooting. Lisa was shot and taken to the clinic, yet she didn’t get by. Her better half and child were additionally harmed in the shooting.

Lisa’s loved ones recollect her as a sort and cordial individual. She was associated with her local area and cherished by quite a few people. Her demise has left a profound trouble in the hearts of the people who knew her.

The shooting that ended Lisa’s life was a horrible misfortune. Many individuals are grieving her misfortune and expecting a finish to such silly demonstrations of brutality. Lisa will be associated with her certain effect on everyone around her.


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Name:Lisa Lopez Galvan
Occupation:Radio Host, Disc Jockey
Family:Husband, 2 Children
Education:Bishop Miege High School
Residence:Shawnee, Kansas
Known For:Hosting “Tejano Tuesday” on KFI (90.1 FM), DJ at weddings
Affiliations:Community Radio Station KFI (90.1 FM)

Lisa Lopez Galvan’s Initial Life

Lisa Lopez Galvan experienced childhood in Kansas City, Missouri, where she spent her initial years. She went to Minister Miege Secondary School and moved on from that point. During her time in school, she probably made numerous companions and delighted in taking part in different exercises.

In the wake of finishing her schooling, Lisa left on her excursion into the universe of radio and music. She fostered an enthusiasm for Hispanic music and became engaged with the nearby music scene. Her affection for music at last drove her to seek after a career in radio facilitating, where she could impart her enthusiasm to other people.

Lisa’s initial valuable encounters probably formed her into the sort and caring individual she was known to be. She esteemed her local area and delighted in being engaged with exercises that united individuals. These early encounters established the groundwork for her later career and association locally.

Notwithstanding the lamentable finish to her life, Lisa’s initial years were loaded up with snapshots of satisfaction, companionship, and development. She abandons a tradition of graciousness and enthusiasm for music that will be recalled by the people who knew her.

Lisa Lopez Galvan Career

Lisa Lopez Galvan had a career in radio and music. She worked at a radio broadcast in Kansas City, Missouri. There, she facilitated a show called “Tejano Tuesday,” where she played Hispanic music. Lisa adored imparting music to her audience members and interfacing with them through her radio program.

Notwithstanding her radio work, Lisa was likewise a circle jockey. She played music at occasions like weddings, giving pleasure to individuals with her tunes. Lisa delighted in being a piece of extraordinary minutes in individuals’ lives through her DJing.

Lisa’s career in radio and music permitted her to be associated with her local area. She was known for her warm character and enthusiasm for music. Her work contacted the existences of many individuals in Kansas City and then some.

Unfortunately, Lisa’s career was stopped by a silly demonstration of savagery during the Kansas City Bosses Super Bowl march. In spite of the trouble of her awkward demise, Lisa’s inheritance lives on through the recollections of the people who knew and cherished her, as well as through the music she imparted to her audience members.

Lisa Lopez Galvan Family

Lisa Lopez Galvan was a treasured individual from her family, dearest by her significant other and two kids. Her family affirmed her passing to nearby specialists after she unfortunately lost her life during a shooting occurrence at a Super Bowl march festivity in midtown Kansas City. Lisa’s significant other and youngsters, alongside her more distant family, were profoundly disheartened by her inopportune demise and keep on grieving her misfortune.

Lisa’s family portrayed her as a superb and lovely individual, featuring her glow, consideration, and dynamic character. They shared valued recollections of their time together and communicated their significant anguish over her passing. Regardless of the aggravation of their misfortune, Lisa’s family finds comfort in the adoration and recollections they imparted to her, respecting her inheritance by recalling the delight and bliss she brought into their lives.

Notwithstanding her close family, Lisa was additionally cherished by her local area and associates. Her devotion to her family, her energy for music, and her dynamic contribution locally left an enduring effect on everyone around her. Lisa Lopez Galvan’s family keeps on holding her memory near their souls, finding solace in the adoration and backing of their local area as they explore through this troublesome time.

Who Was Lisa Lopez Galvan-FAQs

1. Who was Lisa Lopez Galvan?
Lisa Lopez Galvan was a darling occupant of Kansas City, Missouri, known for her energy for the Kansas City Bosses football crew and her work as a radio personality.

2. What was Lisa Lopez Galvan’s occupation?
Lisa was a radio personality and circle jockey, facilitating a show about Hispanic music at a nearby radio broadcast and engaging groups at weddings with her DJing abilities.

3. How did Lisa Lopez Galvan’s life end sadly?
Lisa was shot and lethally injured during the Kansas City Bosses Super Bowl march, abandoning her better half and two kids.

4. How is Lisa Lopez Galvan recollected by her local area?
Lisa is recognized as a sort, well disposed, and energetic individual who had a constructive outcome on her local area through her inclusion and love for music.

5. What inheritance does Lisa Lopez Galvan abandon?
Lisa’s inheritance incorporates her glow, thoughtfulness, and enthusiasm for music, which proceed to move and contact the existences of the individuals who knew her.

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