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Alex has been keen on History since her Grandfather put her before the TV and had her work out the Titanic’s traveler list from the rear of a book to keep her calm.

It has been a subject that has consistently gone through Alex’s loved ones. Her mum, who was born and brought up in England, was the Granddaughter of a market merchant, who at ten years old diffused bombs that landed in his Essex back garden during the barrage, and used to give the Luftwaffe the finger from Southend Wharf.

Alex’s Grandfather dropped from the Roman Armed force lounged around at Hadrian’s Wall, in spite of the fact that her genealogical record crosses with Winston’s and the first Duke of Marlborough’s as well. Her dad was from Pakistan and came to England during the 1970s. On his side Alex slipped from the voyaging multitude of Alexander the Incomparable. Her Grandfather (on her dad’s side) was one of millions of men from the sub-landmass who battled for the English in WW2, so, it’s a marvel she’s did whatever it takes not to attack Ridges or the Isle of Wight yet!

Alex previously showed up on TV in an episode of Timewatch taking a gander at the air battle in 1918. From that point forward she has proceeded to show up in a variety of hit television series’, remembering War Factories and Universal Conflict Peculiar for UKTV, Lancaster Plane at 80 with David Jason on Station 4, Mysteries of WW2 from Above on Nat Geo, and most as of late introduced and made her own film The Neglected Skirmish of WW1 on History Hit.

With her experience in sea history, Alex was additionally called upon to configuration, research and show up in programs marking the century of the Titanic fiasco and the sinking of the Lusitania. The previous was selected for a TV BAFTA.

Alex has likewise composed smash hit books on the Clash of the Somme, the young men of Eton School and WWI.

She is the fellow benefactor and host of the digital recording History Hack, what began in lockdown and has proceeded to turn into an enormous achievement.

Alex likewise runs another cause, The Incomparable Conflict Gathering, which has been established to protect the memory of, and advance finding out about the conflict. Alex is likewise the supervisor in head of their diary, which has been a colossal achievement and keeps on acquiring rave surveys.

She is additionally reading up for her post-graduate in History MRes.

Alex doesn’t trust in drop culture. She thinks individuals are shrewd and will understand that set of experiences isn’t highly contrasting on the off chance that you simply give her a stage to explain to them why the lines are obscured.

Instagram account: @churchill_alex

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